Welcome to the Cigarette Packs Cards. Here you will see some cards that cigarette packs used to bring with them. Some are promotions, some are collections items and some are advertisings.


Compaņia Nobleza de Tabacos - Argentina 1925 - 1935


(Each pack brought a collective card. Also, a Album was sell for paste the cards inside and collect them. I have 2 complete albums and almost 30 cards that doesn't have Album. Here are some of them so you can see them.)



Camel Lights - Argentina


Free Jazz Cards - Brazil


Lucky Strike - Brasil and Argentina


Other Cigerette Cards

Argentina                                                                    France



Other Camel Cards



W.D. & H.O.Willis (Bristol & London) - England

The Coronation Series - Nš 26 - Coronation of George 1